I was born in Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) on April 24th 1953. Till 1966 I visited primary school and lived together with my family in Curaçao. Then in 1966 I left to Holland to finish my studies and during this period I start playing music with friends in local bands. The first band to make public appearance was "Copper Weed" with a strong influences of Blues-Rock oriented music (ten years after, Santana & John Mayell). From 1966 till 1970 I lived at a boarding school in Bloemendaal named "Noorthey" where I finished my M.U.L.O. From 1970 to 1975 I studied classical guitar with a private  teacher Rene Gervais in Hillegom and  broadened  my musical  interest  in the "Blues-Rock  style. Then


from 1975 to 1980 I played professionally in several local bands in the neighbourhood of Haarlem, some bands from this period, "Skidmark" (Blues-Rock),"The Silvertone Band" (Latin, Calypso) with this band one LP was released by record company Dureco named "A brand new start". With this band I frequently toured through Holland, Belgium and Germany. "Prana" an excellent band in the Funk style that was formed by pianist Peter Schon and Fred Leeflang (sax), "Inner Minute" a Jazz Rock formation that was formed by Han Drost a saxophonist (other excellent musicians participating were, Bass Player, Wim Dijkgraaf  and  pianist Peter Schon). In 1981 I started with my studies at the Sweelinck conservatory in