The diverse sounds,  

a guitar can produce and the many techniques that are possible on the instrument have always intrigued me, therefore I've always set my goals high for playing the guitar in terms of executing different styles. Improvisation and composition have always been important ways of expression, first at a young age in Rock, Blues, Pop and later in Jazz and (acoustic) finger picking style. In Jazz the harmonization of the theme has always been my favorites and of course the possibility to improvise on simple to complex chord progressions. After finishing my study in Holland at the Sweelinck conservatory in Amsterdam and  Mariaplaats in Utrecht has expanded my  musical range tremendously, not


only the theoretical knowledge of Jazz but the assimilation and adaptation of all these different concepts into my own guitar style. Of course nowadays the amount of valuable information is in reach of every serious Music Student but remains the self-discipline to absorb and adapt in terms of "trial and error", the inner-need to express oneself how to overcome disappointment and frustration can be found in practice of "Zen". Mainly the training of self-discipline, setting Goals, Focusing the Spirit are subjects that need attention to create the proper "State of Mind" to walk that path in life with confidence. A small book that has offered me a  much more  Spiritual  perspective on Music-making,  that I recommend reading for every